Bistro Épicure’s team is composed of talented people where the expertise and the passion make one. Our mission is to offer an impeccable quality of food and a customer service that is attentive and caring. We want to make your visit at Bistro Épicure an unforgettable experience. We our proud to have a team that is qualified and oh so passionate.

All our staff members offer something special to the bistro but let us present you, with a small description our chefs and our director of operations who supervises restaurant and the unfolding of the services.




11:30 am to 2:00 pm


11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Thursday and Friday

11:30 am to 10:00 pm


5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Sunday and Monday


Kitchen Brigade

Our Kitchen Brigade and our service team are made up of passionate cooking and service professionals. Everyone is truly invested to offer you an excellent service and a modern and accessible menu, where originality is brought by the flavorful local products. Together, we seek to offer you dishes that you will want to savor over and over.

Geneviève Pouliot  


With 20 years of experience in the culinary world, Geneviève has a strong passion for the world of restoration. She occupied many positions over the years and has participated in many culinary competitions all over Canada before redirecting her passion for restaurant management. Looking to offer an incredible customer service, Geneviève shares her vision and experience with the Épicure’s team since 2013. Her mission is to give a warming welcome to every client coming through the door and to make them live an unforgettable experience.